Friday, September 2, 2011

Cockroach, you won't get away this time!

We're saying good bye to pest control and tossing out the cockroach traps.
Gatsby is now the master bug catcher.
I'm not sure where his talent arose, yet he didn't learn from us!

The roach came from the kitchen.
I saw it from the corner of my eye crawl out of its hiding spot.
Gatsby was quick to respond, chasing after the vermin without second thoughts.

After the outrageous feat, we ensured his superb behavior was rewarded by feeding him numerous treats.
Good job Gatsby!


  1. Aaackkkk! The mom probably would pass out if she saw a cockroach in real life!

    Way to go, Gatsby!

  2. Good job Gatsby. WE tend to bring bugs in from the garage so we can chase them!