Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gatsby loves food...and the fresh breeze from the refrigerator

My cousin Brad called me today to talk about his future trip to Orlando. While I was enveloped in the conversation, I decided to multitask and help Rachel clean out the refrigerator. For some reason, food tends to spoil much too quickly in our apartment. The food we find is always a suprise.

However today, our suprise took form as our cat.

While on the phone, I was unaware that sneaky Gatsby decided to jump inside.
When I went back a few seconds later to put more food away, Gatsby was glaring back at me from the second shelf.

What makes the refrigerator so appealing to this cat? Do we not supply the kitten with enough air conditioning in this hot summer weather? Or does he just love cooking as much as we do?

We may never know!

Can't get enough? View video footage of the event here: Kitten in Fridge know you want to!


  1. Yo Gatsby in the fridge. Y'know this is where the fuuds are right? The yummy ones. We see you make a good job of a paper towel too.

    Gerry & Oliver

  2. Maybe Gatsby wants to try everything a human does! Paint, use a paper towel, eat human food, you get the idea!

  3. Yes, he loves paper towels!
    Also, he thinks my computer mouse is a real mouse. It's very entertaining... when I'm not trying to use the computer ;)