Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This isn't a monkey, it's a kitten! Meet the Grey Gatsby...

I wasn't home when Rachel found him- or should we say "her".
Our future kitten was found alone in the parking lot of our apartment complex at three weeks old.
Rachel was quick to its rescue- bringing it in and nursing it to health.
She called the baby kitten Adelaide, later to be renamed Gatsby after something unexpected popped up.

Now, the grey Gatsby is living the college life at the University of Central Florida.
He is small at 2 lbs but is quick to jump to the top of our kitchen table.
In his spare time, he enjoys rummaging through our laundry, chasing laser pointers, and the cool breeze of the refrigerator (seriously, once he’s in, he won’t get out).

When it comes to cats, we’re both first timers. In our hometown, Rachel owns a Maltese named Emma. I own three brothers and a sister. We’re both excited for our new furry roommate and look forward to sharing stories of growth.

PS: I will try to share as many photos of Gatsby as possible, yet due to his ninja-photo-dodging skills, they may be sparse.

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  1. Kind of reminds me of Kitty, back when I was living in a boarding house just out of school. Kitty (originally Kitty Hawk, but the 'Hawk' disappeared somewhere along the way) was literally the house cat. People would pass her from hand to hand as they moved in and out of the house.

    She was 'mine' for a couple years, until someone else in the house decided she really wanted her, and more or less took her from me. That woman took Kitty with her when she moved out. I only hope Kitty lived a long happy life after that.