Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to make new friends- Gatsby style.

Jealous cat is jealous.

Before I discuss Gatsby's recent antics, I need to provide some background:

Despite 21 years of having a pet-free household, my mom finally decided to adopt kittens.
A family friend found a stray kitten a few weeks ago and was bottle-feeding it to health.
After falling in love with Gatsby (who wouldn't?), my mom agreed to give the kitten a home.
Little did she know, the friend found another stray a week later. When my mom went to pick up her new kitten, she couldn't resist adopting both! We now have two new additions to our family- Coco and Matisse.

Traveling home this weekend meant Rachel, Gatsby, and I would get to meet the babies for the first time.
We weren't sure how Gatsby would react when he met the two.

A few minutes after Gatsby was placed down, he made a sound we've never heard before.
At first we questioned it. Then it was obvious- he was hissing at them!

Were we giving the kittens too much attention?
I'm not sure- but I have a hunch that Gatsby is one jealous kitty!


  1. Gatsby, you will learn to share your people. Then you will learn to play with the little ones!

  2. Angel/Kirby- I was thinking of posting pics of the new kittens later- check back! They are adorable :)

  3. Gatsby, it's great to meet you! Thanks for visiting our Fuzzy Tales blog.

    Yes, you're young enough to get used to other kitties and learn to play. Best to be socialized now, while you're young, though! :-)